Freelance Art Director

New York Fashion Week

For several seasons I was responsible for creating the assets covering the womenswear runway show throughout every social media channel of Tommy Hilfiger. My ideas were following every bit of the event, from the New York Fashion Week kick-off to the thrilling launch of the first look on the runway.

Every asset has been thought of for social media and follow the platforms restriction (such as: 10 sec video on Instagram). The content I created is opening up the fashion week to the public by giving them an exclusive sneak peek of the collection, discover who is backstage and follow every highlight of the show. 

"Ever wondered what (or who) a model would want stranded on a desert isle with them?"

This season's theme "Island Life" is inspired by the small island of Mustique in the Caribbeans. The island is famous for hosting americans celebrities's holidays. 

The class photo selfie

The class photo selfie

This season, I wanted to have a casual and playful approach to the official class photo for the social media audience. 

The finale, highlight of the show.

That video was released on social media right after the show to showcase the main models that dragged a lot of attention from followers and from the press.

Accessories backstage

Accessories backstage

Some backstage shot of this season's beautiful accessories

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Countdowns before the show

Countdowns before the show

Cinemagraphs were released before the show to give a sneak peek of the casting and the collection's theme.

The shoppable jacket

That jacket was the only shoppable item right after the show so I've created that short video to warn the public about the exclusive sale.